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"Rural Media Icon" Inductees

Induction as a "Rural Media Icon" is the highest honour bestowed by RMC SA/NT.

Rural Media Icons are inspirational individuals held in admiration by peers for high levels of professionalism, long term dedication and passion for communicating rural issues in the rural media.

A prime role of Rural Media & Communicators SA/NT is to ensure that issues relevant to rural communities and agriculturally based industries are profiled to the broader population via all the media channels.

Not all people involved in rural media are recognisable on the front line.  Some provide outstanding back-room support mechanisms to others, who then report the issues.

Rural Media & Communicfators SA/NT identifies and celebrates exceptional contributors to the rural media profession through their formal induction as Rural Media Icons.

Rural media is recognised as one of the primary mechanisms that influences cultural change in the rural arena.

Most importantly, it is the medium that ensures every person who wants to, has equal, unrestricted and easy access to information.

People inducted as Rural Media Icons have set the stage for the rural sector to develop internal capacity within its communities, empower individual players and adopt cutting edge technologies by industries.


Rural Media Icons

2008  -  Angela Goode

2009  -  Jon Lamb

2010  -  Dick James (♦)

2011  -  Norman Marston

2012  -  Alan Richardson

2013  -  Ian Doyle

2015  -  Richard Fewster

2016  -  Leigh Radford OAM

2018  -  Jim McCarter (♦)

(♦) Deceased




"Rural Media Icon"


1. Angela Goode
columnist for The Advertiser
Inducted 9th May 2008

 2. Jon Lamb
Jon Lamb Communications
Inducted 22nd October 2009

3. Richard James (♦)
Former Stock Journal editor and livestock writer
Inducted 28th November 2010

4. Norman Marston
A lifetime in Regional Newspapers
Inducted 28th October 2011

5. Alan Richardson
ABC Rural Journalist and Broadcaster
Inducted 17th October 2012

5. Ian Doyle

6. Ian Doyle
Former ABC Rural Journalist and rural industry communicator
Inducted 18th October 2013

7. Richard Fewster
Rural Journalist, Communicator, Manager & Rural Media Advocate
Inducted 28th October 2015

8. Leigh Radford OAM
ABC Rural Journalist, Broadcaster, Executive Manager and International Rural Media Advocate
Inducted 9th December 2016

9. Jim McCarter (♦)
Four decades of reporting rural issues to South Australians as Editor of the Chronicle and Rural Editor of the Advertiser.
Inducted on 27th April 2018