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Luncheon Meeting

Thursday 22nd February, 2018

'Are there really hungry people in Rural Australia?'


Featured Speaker:

Brianna Casey

CEO, Foodbank Australia


Members Banquet Room – Adelaide Showground, Wayville

(Location: Under the Members Grandstand adjacent to the Main Arena)


12.00 noon for 12.30pm


$60.00 (Members)   $70.00 (Non Members)

(Includes complimentary wine by the glass from the bar – courtesy of the RA&HS)
(Drinks other than the complimentary RA&HS wines are available at the cash bar at individual’s expense)
(Payment: EFT on web site or cash/cheque at door.  Credit card facilities unavailable.  No invoices issued)




Bob Snewin  -  0418 531 402

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Reply by:

Friday 16th February

(People who book but fail to attend will be invoiced)


Are there really hungry people in Australia?...... yes there are and many of them live amongst us in rural and regional areas.

Many feel that only homeless people require food relief.  Foodbank says this belief is completely false.  According to the Chief Executive Officer of Foodbank Australia, Brianna Casey the main recipients of food relief are individuals and families who generally have low incomes or are unemployed, not just those who are homeless.

The face of hunger in Australia is diverse – it affects males, females, children, the elderly, single people and families, students, employed, unemployed and retired people.

Yet Australia is the ‘Lucky Country’, with our farms producing an abundance of food products, many of which are recording record market prices.  While most enjoy an ethos of pax copia (Latin for ‘Peace & Plenty’), others amongst us struggle through life in a world of turmoil and ill health caused by a lack of suitable food.

High risk groups include people with disabilities, refugees and Indigenous Australians.  Some of the common reasons why people find themselves seeking food relief include a lack of funds to pay rent, bills and unexpected expenses such as car repairs or medical accounts.

Reports commissioned by Foodbank Australia indicate hunger is the hidden crisis in this country.  Over 3.6 million people experience food insecurity at some point every year, 27% of which are children.  In fact, the demand for food relief in Australia is rising, with charities reporting a 10% increase in demand last year.

How close is hunger to our homes?  Simply look at local primary schools and observe how many now provide School Breakfast programs for their students.  The fundamental problem may not necessarily be a lack of finance in the home, but rather a poor choice by parents to send their children off to school with nothing more than an iced coffee, soft drink or Mars Bar for breakfast.  Foodbank Australia is core to supporting schools looking to curb this nutritional and learning time bomb.


Entry to Adelaide Showground and Parking

The RA&HS now charges for visitor parking at Adelaide Showground events.  However RMSA has arranged for parking in the Leader Street Car Park #2 at the discounted rate of $4.00 (normally $10.00).  To obtain the discounted rate, guests must arrive at this car park after 10.00am and depart prior to 3.00pm.  Take a ticket from the boom on entry and pay at the payment machine next to Leader Street Gate prior to returning to the car.

Brianna Casey

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